My birthday weekend ootd’s and present haul <3

28 Aug







Hey lovelies!

It’s been a busy weekend and start to my week as it’s not just been my birthday but also my mans! We went away for a cocktail and champagne fuelled weekend in Bristol for some much needed r&r. We had the best time! Got to dress up and live the high life for a brief moment now it’s back to reality!

I also got to have a lovely family meal on my actual birthday (Tuesday) and I got a lush princess theme birthday cake which I’ve had a slice for my lunch at the office!

Thought I’d share my snaps! The cream dress is ‘little mistress’ and the print dress is ‘peacocks’ I got my sparky shoes from ‘Evans’ if you want to know where I got anything else from just drop me a comment (:

Love Hayley xxx

My Birthday Wish list <3

18 Aug


(Michael Kors rose gold watch, (, Montagne Jeunesse Basket full of goodies, ( coin counting piggy bank, (


( claireabella hoodie (Toxic Fox), californication 6&7, (Amazon), Agent provocateur, Fatale (Fragrance Shop)


Cosmopolitan glasses (Glasses Direct), Full time blogger sweatshirt (River Island)


(Feather cross body bags,

Hey lovelies,

I decided to do a birthday wish list post to get myself excited about my birthday next week. A few of the items on there I know I’m definitely getting because my friends and family are the worst for keeping surprises! And obviously a few things are just wishes! A Girl can dream (;

I love Michael Kors, I’m going to be lucky enough to get my hands on a Michael kors watch on my birthday courtesy of my amazing boyfriend! I can’t wait to wear it, I have tried so many watches on but never had the funds to buy one. I’m soo excited to open this!

I recently tried a sample vial of Agent Provocateur Fatale, it was so nice really sweet and lasted all day. I love this fragrance! Currently at the fragrance shop of you buy 50ml or more you get a gorgeous pair of Agent Provocateur knickers with every purchase.

I found this Super cute Montagne Jeunesse basket full of goodies in the new Argos catalogue. I think this would make a great gift for any one who doesn’t love a bit of pampering?

The coin counting piggy bank is one of the stranger gifts but I have recently started saving for a house and thought this would be a nice little feature to save my everyday change. Plus it’s adorable..

I always put something from River island on my birthday list I just love that site! These 2 feather cross body bags are really cute and add a bit of glamour to your outfit. I’d love to get one of these. I also love this ‘full time blogger’ cropped hoodie, any blogger out there would agree this is a must and it’s a limited edition piece. It would look great with a maxi skirt or with a best underneath.

Love Hayley xx

Review: BOOHOO + <3

12 Aug




Jumpsuit : Boohoo Plus

Shoes: Evans

Hey lovelies!

The very kind people at Boohoo Recently contacted me telling me about there amazing new capsule collection for there Boohoo Plus range! After the very successful debut ss14 collection Boohoo Plus comes back with a bang.  The collection features edgey street style, and its no wonder as this collection was styled my gorgeous US blogger Nadia Aboulhosn.

booho press

I was asked if I wanted to review something from there collection, which I was very excited about! I chose this gorgeous floral jumpsuit as I seem to live in these recently! they are just so comfortable and chic at the same time I just love this look! This Boohoo Plus jumpsuit is called the Rikki Floral Wrap. Its made from a stretch poly fabric for extra comfort and has the benefit of having cuffed legs. I love this feature because if you have rather large calf’s like me the worst thing is having ill fitting trousers, it can either make your legs look disproportionate or just wide.

This jumpsuit gives great shape all over. I opted for a skinny black belt with this suit simply because I felt I needed to break up with print a little and define my waist line. I finished the look off with sparkly shoes and a fitted blazer.

what do you think of the new Boohoo Plus range?



Hayley xx


***This item was gifted to me as a PR Sample. All opinions expressed are that of my own***

My Outfit Today: No Regular Office Chick < 3

6 Aug




Dress: Definitions @ Very
Jacket: Look Magazine for Simply Be
Shoes: River Island

Hey Lovelies,

I hope everyone has a great hump day! I have been dying to wear this coat! It was one of those things were you look at it over and over again, wondering if it would suit you and what you could wear such a bold piece with. I ended up buying it because it went into the sale on the Simply Be website down from a fairly steep £50 to £20 Which seemed more justifiable given the risk of it not suiting me or going with anything!

I’m happy to report that it goes pretty well with my wardrobe of simple dresses, It brings some excitement to my work outfits and the fabric is just so comfortable it feels like wearing a silk robe. Its extremely light weight so perfect even on a summers day. I teamed it with a pleated Definitions dress and some embellished heels from River Island. I actually woke up early enough this morning to spend a while on my makeup. I went for a mixture of green and blue eye shadows from my Make up revolution ‘Matte Brights’ palette and Mac Heroine lipstick.

Hayley xxx

My Outfit Today: Office Lady Swag <3

5 Aug







Dress : Asda

Necklace: Primark

Jacket: Very

Shoes: H&M

Makeup: AVON



Hello lovelies

I hope your all enjoying your week thus far.. has anyone else made any career changes recently? As my regular followers would know I have recently changed careers from carer of the elderly to office management.

One thing I really want to know is how much does our career define us?

Back when I was a carer, a job id done for 7 years on and off, I always felt like a second class citizen. I mean sure I got to do a job that for the most part I loved and felt like I made a difference in. But due to the long hours and the constant urge to fall asleep in the most undignified scenarios, chairs, floors, buses, hell I even fell so far in to a deep sleep at the cinema once that I ended up falling asleep on a randoms shoulder. That was one angry girlfriend I apologized to about a hundred times.. I felt as though I had next to no time to really be myself. Ever since I was young I have been a slave to fashion. I always spent my pocket money on magazines and would skip classes just to go shopping. A model student I was not but I was passionate about something. In recent years caring for others has left me only passionate about other peoples passions and let my own slide away. I’m not saying that it was a bad thing. It taught me a lot about myself and appreciate things that I have more I just lost a part of myself to the job, I mean how fashion conscious can one be when they spend most of their time in a uniform that could only be described as an old table cloth reinvented badly..

Working in my new office I saw a world of opportunity. I saw sophisticated office chick outfits with the biggest high heels and not being told off for painting your finger nails! Although this job is not what i in-visioned for myself it made sense. It was realistic to do this and still be myself. The first week went by and I loved the new feelings I was having. The feelings of self worth and the ability to incorporate my big love in life.. fashion in to my work. I was about to find out their were catches in both… One day I strutted into Tesco with my pencil dress and high heels in tow and bumped in to an old colleague. I noticed she had clocked me but she did not say hi or walk over. Instead she put her head down as if to avoid a conversation. I walked over anyway to say hi but I could sense it wasn’t the same between us. I asked her how it was going in her job, she seemed to talk to me like we were  no longer in the same club, like some how I had got kicked out for being successful. A few days had passed and id heard whispers from other friends saying the colleague I bumped into at Tesco said I was different and that I was flaunting my new life. When did people get so threatened by others success? was it because I had got out of a life and routine that so many wish they could or was it that my new job was defining the person that everyone sees when they look at me?



Hayley Flynn xxxx




My curves and me Lingerie review featuring Panache <3

14 Jul






Hey everyone!

Today I’ve got a first on my blog! My first ever attempt at a lingerie blog post.. Scary stuff, be kind! (;

I have always been a bit reserved about doing an underwear post. I am comfortable being a plus size women but as we all can be I do sometimes shy away from showing too much on my blog. I really wanted to push myself with this post if I won’t do it I can’t truly promote the body confidence that I want to so here goes..

The wonderful people at my curves and me sent me an email asking if I’d like to review some of their underwear. I have soooo many issues finding decent D+ bras that A. Fit and B. Are Sexy, This site however seemed to be a mixture of the two so I was pretty intrigued!

I scrolled through the site and ummmd and ahhhd over what I wanted and changed my mind several times… But in the end decided on these beauties. This is called ‘Rosie full cup’ in ‘blue floral’ by Panache.

The embroidery on this underwear set is just gorgeous! I absolutely adore anything blue on me so I felt super comfortable as soon as I put these on! They fit like a glove and I loved the fact the underwear is high up on me. I love the vintage look, I’m really not into really skimpy underwear so I just felt great in this set!

I had not heard of my curves and me before this review but I will definitely be going back for seconds. They stock right up to 46HH in bras and a size 26 in underwear so if you struggle to find underwear like I do go and give this site a look! And as an added plus this ALWAYS have great sales on.

You can find my bra HERE

Love Hayley xxx

**although this item was gifted to me all opinions expressed are that of my own**

OOTD: Manchester Mayhem <3 (Katy Perry & Icona Pop live)

4 Jun












Dress, belt and shoes all Primark! <3
Cardigan – Very

Hey everyone!

Hands up everyone from Manchester! Got your hand up? If so hi!! (*Waves*) I have recently been to your lovely town for an Icona Pop and Katy Perry gig! I must say I absolutely adore your town, great live music, great shopping and great people!

I had a little look around and discovered the fashion adventure land that is the Trafford centre! Wow if only there was a place like this where I live! I would be spending all my hard earned cash in here.

It was so great to see so many fashionista's around the place, I love anywhere that people embrace their individuality, I'm sure I saw a few plus size bloggers but at the risk of making a fool of my self I reframed from saying hi! Wish I had now, if you think you saw me then yes you did! Lol

While in the Trafford centre I went into Selfridges for a quick nosey. I couldn't believe they were selling Primark clothes in there! I picked up a few gems for my holiday. I also had a look in Victoria's Secret. A shop that I'd not been into before so that was a treat! Some of the perfume in there is to.die.for, I ended up getting a pair of shorts from their 'pink' collection – also for my holiday. I then went to Boots to see if I could get some bits from Kate moss's new line for Rimmel, I bought an emerald gel eyeliner, amethyst mascara and emerald mascara! It's good to be a bit different (; I'll let you know how I get on with those!

The gig it's self was incredible. Katy Perry's prismatic tour did not disappoint. Their were flying emojis, people dressed as animals, 1 gold horse and a hell of a lot of cat references. A typical day in the life of Katy Perry. She was supported on your by the fabulous Swedish duo Icona Pop! I must say they were absolutely fab live and I discovered so many more of their great tunes that I downloaded back at the hotel! One song you should definitely give a listen is 'it's my party' it's a proper tune if you love a good baseline.

Have you seen the prismatic tour?

Love Hayley xx


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